Book Covers, Marketing Materials, Graphic Design, Photography, Logo Design

Hi, I’m Kristen! I hold a Bachelor of Art from the College of Art + Architecture at UNC Charlotte, and I have over 10 years professional experience in the fields of graphic design, digital marketing, and social media. I have produced print marketing materials, web ad campaigns, social media campaigns, and full print catalogs. Working both in freelance, and having been a dedicated graphics professional for various companies, I have experience in delivering what a client wants. My primary focus currently is designing book covers, social media graphics, swag, and other author marketing materials.

I have dabbled in photography for over 16 years now. While I would call myself a professional designer, I would have to call myself an amateur photographer. What does that mean? It means that while I am trained in photography and have sold prints in the past, it is not my profession. However, we should not underestimate the importance a designer’s ability to produce their own images, from the photography to the finished product—and I can do that. I also have experience in studio product photography.

Being an author myself, I know what works and what doesn’t; which covers I love, and which I roll my eyes at. I’d love to assist you in developing your brand or help you create a cover that represents your story perfectly!

Please visit my contact page for more information.

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