Do you require any fee upfront?

  • I require a $50 retainer fee as a good faith agreement to work together. (This may be waived for *frequent* customers)

What’s the deal with stock photos? Do I provide them or do you? Where do you get them?

  • I have a membership to both AdobeStock and DepositPhotos, and I also have a huge personal collection of stock photographs and a vast number of resources for free themed photos. All of those resources are included in my price. I will work tirelessly to find the perfect image for you, but if it is outside the aforementioned collections, there will be an extra cost. Feel free to provide your own images if you own a license. I will not use pirated photos.

Do you offer refunds?

  • I do not, as the labor-hours put into designing cannot be recouped. However, we will do as many revisions as necessary until you have a cover you love!

How should I credit you in my books?

  • Please use either KHD Graphics (www.khdgraphics.com) or J.K. Hogan (www.khdgraphics.com) – either one is fine, they’re both me!

So, how long does this take?

  • I usually let the client dictate the time frame. To be honest, I work from home with two small children, so I work strange hours. It’s easier for me to conform to what you need than give you a time frame. We will come to an agreement before we start working!

Who are the best boys?

  • Victor and Yuri are the best boys.