Traditional Art

Earthbound Fiber Arts

Artist Statement:

As a fiber artist, my work is process oriented. It evolves organically, focusing on the meditative and restorative process of transforming the barest of materials—raw fibers, wood—into something else entirely. In spinning fibers to weave, knit, and crochet, I am able to tap into my connectivity with the earth and nature around me.

Through my work, I strive to explore the relationship between craft and fine art, using the interplay between craft materials and fine art fibers, and to work in the pocket where the two intersect. Through these methods, I am able to probe the implications of gender roles in art and craft, specifically the traditionally “women’s work” that makes up much of fiber preparation and manipulation. The relationship between fiber and nature, and women and nature is a constant source of inspiration and introspection for me. I like to find beauty in unexpected places and then replicate that feeling in my weavings.

Other Mediums

(Viewer disclaimer: contains tasteful art nudes of hired models.)